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You love to program and have interesting programming challenges every day

You want to work on cutting-edge projects

1. You are excited by the idea of working on technically interesting projects which could include Machine Learning & AI (artificial intelligence) project work. You have the drive, aptitude and preferably right background - since AI is core to the company's skills.

2. A trial project and a set of tasks will be given to an applicant that will last at least 1 month and normally 3 months or even more. This is generally either a complete small project or a part of a larger application. The work will be interesting, and have components of various disciplines - usually including a small ML/AI component (depending on your skills and background). You will have assistance throughout the trial project. As part of this trial, you will be assigned with significant responsibility (and thus freedom to show your great skills, aptitude, ability to learn and of course - design, programming, research, proof of concept, etc., but above all, show your drive and enjoyment of your programming challenges.

3. Your trial tasks will provide opportunity to deliver both R&D and commercial project successes upon which you will become a valuable team member in a fast moving high-tech company, generating really new technology, whilst working the modern way - flexibly & electronically.

4. You can work from home or where you like to work, as part of an electronic team, anywhere in the world, but in a stable environment with full, quality on-line availability. You must find this way of working not only suitable, but a big advantage to you. It suits only some people.

5. You will also get a chance to come to Head office in the UK, or for specific project work if appropriate once a full team member.

6. You will have good written technical English, and converse easily in standard secure messaging applications. You will have good English reading technical literacy for documentation, articles, white papers and scientific papers.

7. You will be able to work with Unix based Operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD etc.

8. You love to program, it's your hobby and gives you great enjoyment, as does learning new parts of your field and science. If it's 'just a job' you will NOT be excited or apply this opportunity ;)

Key competencies favoured in the list below: (but natural drive, flair, keenness to do the best are most important).

* C/C++, C# .Net, mono, prefer also some assembler background. We appreciate some Low level C/assembler programming experience to indicate core competence. In cutting edge applications, speed and efficiency are important in the right places (and where not, we generally use appropriate higher level languages).

* Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AJAX, or Flex is a minor advantage.

* Ability to test code professionally and understand quality requirements, build test cases and have pride in quality.

* Again : Aptitude, drive, willingness, learning, joy of playing with IT are key, more so than exact skills, and a bit of obsession with technology - we are - you need to be to fit in the team.

* Someone that understands team-play and that the highest rewards happen when projects are completed and delivered which requires total team work and helping each other!

* You like the idea of working on the 'unknown and new' - and also sometimes the not-so-new, which can be more relaxing.

Academic background preferred; MSc or PhD can be an advantage, but we've got some TOP staff without these so if you are excited, feel you can contribute, apply!

Post-graduate students may also find part-time work with us.

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