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Artificial Intelligence (AI - 'Aeye') is already the key to a swathe of very important tools, embedded in so many articles we take for granted like mobile phones, cars and microwave ovens. This trend is set to explode into future technologies over the next few years, transforming most current technologies in a way probably not unlike that due to the introduction of the silicon microchip and subsequently microprocessor did in the previous two decades.

We see our role as providing the tools that make it easier to harness available information to perform specific tasks our clients require often unknowingly. So part of our role is to help business people understand how they could benefit as the technology landscape shifts every more quickly, with AI being one of the greatest forces at play right now.

Aeye began in 1994. At that time Aeye provided software development and consultancy services. We initially traded as Capital Project Design Ltd, and later changed our name in line with our principal speciality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and thus our name became Aeye Ltd. There are several companies that operate under the Aeye umbrella including Canada and NewZealand. We have staff in various countries.

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